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Customer Engagement 2023: How to Win Back Customers and Rebuild Loyalty

How have consumer habits changed in response to the ongoing cost-of-living crisis? Find out in the latest report in our Customer Engagement series.

DMA Insight: Data and Training are Key Challenges Facing the Industry

Insights from the DMA Awards 2022 judges provide an overview of the changes and trends impacting the data and marketing industry over recent years. The latest figures reveal key challenges around data and training that need to be overcome.

Customer Engagement: Future Trends 2023

The customer engagement landscape is continually evolving and growing. But what will come next? Read our latest Future Trends report, in partnership with Foresight Factory, to find out. 

My Dyslexia Journey

To support the DMA's Neurodiversity initiative and the various Dyslexia Awareness weeks and months being celebrated in 2022 to improve dyslexia awareness, I have written an article about my personal dyslexia journey, which I hope will educate individuals and organisations of dyslexic strengths...

Customer Engagement: How to Win Trust and Loyalty 2022

How is the cost of living crisis impacting consumer spending and loyalty habits? Dig into our latest Customer Engagement report to find out.

Future Trends 2022

A collection to inspire brands to find innovative and diverse ways to respond to new customer behaviours and desires.

Future Trends: The Evolution of Direct-to-Consumer

The number of companies selling direct-to-consumer has grown significantly amid the pandemic. Read the article and found out more about the strategies and tactics these businesses are implementing to win over their customers’ attention.

Future Trends: The Value of Sustainability

Your sustainable choices and actions make you unique. While other factors remain important, brands should invest in the opportunities’ sustainability can offer to gain and retain customers. Find out how to act on what’s close to your customers’ heart and start building today a more...

Future Trends: Influence in the Age of Social Media

What does ‘influence’ look like as we are living between the physical and the digital world? Social media and the other digital channels are good at getting your customers’ attention, but do they influence purchasing behaviour?