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A Roadmap to 2030 - Attempt Two

It’s time to go back and plan the future. After a global pandemic that is lasting way longer than anyone would have expected, what will consumer behaviour look like in the coming years? Sit back, relax and enjoy this journey into the future, according to Dentsu’s latest trends.

How Has 2020 Impacted Jobs and Recruitment in Data and Marketing?

How has the data and marketing industry reacted to the events of 2020? What’s happened to jobs and recruitment in a challenging economy? The latest insights from Hays UK shed light on the current and future state of the sector.

Supporting Ethnic Minority Leaders: IDM's New Training Programme

To encourage more ethnic minority marketers to continue into leadership roles, the IDM has partnered with Culture Heroes to develop a new training programme. Find out more, including our diversity research that helped make it happen.

DMA Insight: Education and Leadership Required to Tackle Challenges

2020 will be remembered for the myriad challenges it has thrown at us all. When we asked marketers about the key challenges facing the data and marketing industry in the coming years, diversity, inclusion and a need to build more ethical approaches to data were mentioned as key issues.

The DMA Partners with Race Equality Matters

The DMA is committed to driving greater diversity and inclusion in the UK data and marketing industry, and we’ve partnered with Race Equality Matters (REM) to help push our initiatives forward.
Race Equality Matters

Whose Stories Are We Telling? How to Make Your Content Marketing More Inclusive

As part of DMA Scotland's regional content, guest contributor Louise Shanahan, The Copy Prescription, gives her insights on the power stories can have on promotion. If we want our audience to care enough to do something, they need to feel emotionally invested in the outcome. Read more.

Industry Diversity: Background and Education

What does ‘diversity’ really mean? In this article, we explore background and education to have a clear picture of what the data and marketing industry looks like today. Read on to find out.

Data & Marketing Industry Diversity

For the data and marketing industry to become truly diverse and inclusive of the customers it serves, it must first look at itself. This dedicated article series does just that and showcases how the DMA is here to help.

Industry Diversity 2020: A More Diverse and Inclusive Future

To achieve real diversity in the workplace, organisations must dig deeper than simple metrics. What actions can you take? Find out what the DMA is doing to make create a more diverse and inclusive future a reality for our industry.