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Coronavirus: The Daily Digest

Coronavirus will have profound business impacts. We’re committed to keeping our Members up to speed on news, policy initiatives and the latest Government announcements with ramifications for the data and marketing industry, our community. This Daily Digest will update every 24hrs, and keep you...

10 Tips for Call Centre Employees Returning to Work

DMA Council Member David Freedman operated an office-based call centre throughout the pandemic. Here are his ten tips on how employees going back to work can stay safe.

Why It's More Important Than Ever to Rethink Your Media Planning

From the Headline Sponsor of the DMA Awards, Datorama, this third in our series of thought-leadership pieces focuses on why it has never been more crucial to get a handle on your media. Learn the steps you can take to become more efficient and effective in the present, so you can be better...

Coronavirus: Spotlight on the DMA Community

Our spotlight on the DMA Community will be a place to find insight, guidance, comments, and reflections from around the DMA’s Councils and Committee Community, and wider DMA Membership.

Coronavirus: Government Guarantees Trade Credit Insurance

The move would allow business-to-business transactions to continue in lieu of lost income

Understanding and Connecting With Your Customers Amidst New Realities

From the Headline Sponsor of the DMA Awards, Datorama, this is the second in a series of thought-leadership pieces focusing on how businesses can work through the coronavirus outbreak.

Coronavirus: Government Issues Guidance on Working Safely During Coronavirus Pandemic

Following the first phase of easing lockdown in England, the government produced guidance for employers to make workplaces safe.

Could Boredom Lead To a Creative Revolution?

Dr Sandi Mann from The University of Central Lancashire specialises in understanding the benefits of doing nothing. Richard Sharp, Owner of the Sharp Agency, discusses why this lockdown could be one of the world's most creative times.

Coronavirus: Advice and Help

The DMA has gathered information from the UK Government and partners to help with the running of your business throughout the ongoing COVID-19 situation. This page will update as more resources and advice become available.