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Masterclass: Recognising the needs of vulnerable consumers and how to make reasonable adjustments

Get the training you need from the experts to help your company compliantly and responsibly handle vulnerable consumers.

Coronavirus: How Businesses Can Help Vulnerable People

The Vulnerable Consumers Working Group looked at what best practice need needs to be in place for vulnerable people while organisations transition to home working.

A Guide to Service Messaging

Service messaging is both an effective marketing tool and an integral part of the operating process. The DMA's Privacy Working Group - a hub of the Responsible Marketing Committee - takes a look at service messaging through the lens of permissions, legislation and the challenge of service...

Cookies, Change and Constant Disruption

The Responsible Marketing Committee got together to discuss cookies, change and constant disruption.
Member Content

Data privacy - An industry perspective

Now that the whole GDPR run-up is over, catch your breath and give yourself the time to read a new book. No worries - same encyclopaedia, just a new title to talk about the data privacy law’s first impact, its multifaceted complexity and future developments.

DMA insight: Data privacy - Marketing's GDPR journey

The opportunities and challenges. The improvements and concerns. Read on for a visualisation of what marketers told us about life after GDPR.

GDPR Article 28 Advisory Notice

Download our Article 28 Advisory Notice template, and discover what this tool is and how to use it, while preserving your trusted business relationships

Framework: Develop vulnerable customer policies for internal and external use

These frameworks from the DMA's Vulnerable Taskforce will help you create internal and external policies to market to and communicate with vulnerable customers

DMA advice: The charity trustee checklist

The DMA’s Responsible Marketing Committee and Fundraising Taskforce has designed an infographic checklist to support the fundraising and charities sector. Read on and download the guidance to help your organisation better meet the needs of your donors and supporters