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Stop giving clients what they want

If there’s one thing that’s sure to kill creativity, it’s letting your client call the shots.

How The Art Of Listening Will Help You Grow Your Business

Listening and talking may be a dying art. A moribund form of communication, superseded by emails, text and tweets both in a private and professional environment. However, these crucial skills can boost your new business efforts. Read on to see why.

Introducing B2B Careers Adventure

Welcome to the world of B2B. During our B2B Careers Adventure series, we’ll explore what it means to work in B2B marketing, the benefits of working in the industry, and how it differs from B2C. Are you ready for a B2B Careers Adventure?

Why businesses cannot ignore the health of their data

Salesforce estimates that 91% of CRM data is incomplete and 70% of that data deteriorates and becomes inaccurate annually. This suggests that businesses aren't paying sufficient attention to the health of their data and that cannot be without consequence. The impact on individuals concerned and...

Voice Search: the Stats Behind the Hype.

This is a talk I gave recently to the DMA regional council on the commerial opportunities for voice search.

Access to JICMAIL Discovery is changing

From 29h July 2019 you will need to be a Subscriber to access the data through JICMAIL Discovery.

The GDPR Mindset - A Case Study

The GDPR has a wide scope of influence. The legislation is a mind-set that, once adopted, influences everyday life in ways you may not have considered.

Epsilon Named a Leader For Loyalty Services by Independent Research Firm

Epsilon is extremely proud to be named a Leader in another Forrester evaluation for Loyalty Service Providers, making us the only company recognised as a leader in both Loyalty Technology Platforms and Loyalty Service Providers Waves.