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TLC Marketing - NHS Stop Smoking Quit Kit

If you want to stop smoking, try carrots instead.

Why does Innovation and Creativity Thrive in Crisis?

Age-old fatherly advice and technology enabled live events and communications specialists, Meet and Potato to not only cope with the pandemic, but to rethink their long-term strategy. As the threat of lockdown grew, Managing Director Jon Kelly began to put into place a plan that had its roots in...

How outsourcing can support post-lockdown resilience and recovery

The right outsource partner can increase your business resilience during in an inherently unstable environment and help you navigate post-COVID obstacles

Driving leads with purpose to fuel recovery

For businesses looking to secure their recovery, the most important thing is not cutting spend necessarily but ensuring that the marketing budget works hard to drive leads at each stage of the customer journey..

WEBINAR: 9 Charity Ad Mail Myths busted by JICMAIL

Join our webinar to hear Ian Gibbs, Director of Data Leadership and Learning, examine 9 common myths about Charity Mail and how JICMAIL data can be used to challenge those perceptions. Panel support from EDIT, Dragonfly and Access DM.

We're all technology companies now

This article explores how B2B brands, who traditionally rely on face-to-face relationships to do business, have accelerated their digital marketing transformation, adjusting to the recent distanced business conditions.

How the lockdown has impacted business? CEO of PromoVeritas talks to Paprika Agency Software

“It doesn’t matter how ready you are – it is the unpredictable impact of a situation on your clients’ business that produces the ripples that will inevitably affect your business, down the line.”