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InsightHub for Charities Webinar - Focus on Supporter Trends and Income Trends

Following our hugely successful introductory webinar to launch InsightHub for Charities, the reporting suite to help you with fundraising decision-making and strategies, we are pleased to bring you the second in the series focusing on two reports...
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Black Friday and Christmas Direct Mail Incentive 2019

Send Advertising Mail, Responsible Mail and Partially Addressed Mail for as low as 12 pence per item.

Artificial Intelligence Powered Direct Mail Increases Engagement and Boosts Profits

Combine AI with state of the art high fusion inkjet printing and you have the ability to produce in high volume at a cost effective rate.
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Is low pay a thing of the past?

Great news - the proportion of UK workers on low pay is shrinking.

Would my 3-year-old make a better Creative?

That’s a good question. And questions are my daughter’s forte.

How To Audit and Measure Your Brand's Customer Experience

Delivering a great Customer Experience (CX) is fundamental to achieving a competitive advantage. To ensure brands are meeting customer expectations, marketers’ attention needs to turn towards data analysis and benchmarking their CX.