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Plan ahead for AI regulation

The DPO Centre, the leading data protection and privacy experts, is urging organisations to plan ahead for future Artificial Intelligence (AI) regulation following the growing trend of AI being considered in day-to-day business operations.

dotdigital: A Look Behind the Curtain of Ecommerce Marketing Success

How can marketers deliver the perfect customer experience to boost conversions and maximise business growth? Find out alongside dotdigital, Leadscale Group, and other experts.

UniFida helps Wentworth Wooden Jigsaw Company 'make the pieces fit' in its customer marketing

Wentworth Wooden Jigsaw Company appointed UniFida to provide customer data platform (CDP) technology to help it gain better insights into its global customer base and, in effect, to ‘make the pieces fit’ in its quest to build a single, integrated view of its customers.

5 Steps to Ensure Successful B2B Telemarketing in the Digital Age

An effective telemarketing strategy can work wonders for your business. When done correctly, it can be an invaluable tool for B2B salespeople. Telemarketing should have a place in your marketing strategy even in today’s digital age.

Go Big by Going Small: Finding your Smallest Viable Audience

Seth Godin explains why bigger isn't better when it comes to an audience for a new service or product.

Automotive chips and dips: how the latest trends in Marketing Automation can help the automotive industry bounce back

How the latest trends in marketing automation can help the Automotive industry bounce back?

NEW: JICMAIL Nickable Charts to download for presentations, blogs and posts.

To make it easier to access useful insight for your presentations, posts and blogs, we've introduced Nickable Charts. These are downloadable bitesized snippets of data perfect for when you need that killer point or stat.

JICMAIL WEBINAR: Telecoms Insights: The role of mail on the path to Telecom Marketing Effectiveness

Join JICMAIL for a webinar exploring the key trends with TV, Broadband, Landline and Mobile mail, answering questions relating to what consumer are engaging with, when they are most likely to respond and what effect the channel is having.