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Telemarketing, Telesales, Inside Sales: what's the difference?

We tend to hear the terms ‘telemarketing’, ‘telesales’ and ‘inside sales’ used interchangeably and it is true that all involve contacting prospective and existing customers over the phone to promote products and services remotely.

'All change' - How can financial services organisations grow their customer base?

As a telemarketing company, we work with enterprise organisations in many different sectors. As a result, we are often presented with industry-specific challenges that inform the services and solutions we devise and provide to our clients.

You can use SMS to Retain your Customers!

SMS is an awesome resource for your business, not only is it versatile and can be used in all Industries, but there is also the opportunity to use it for several different aspects within your business and Re-Marketing is one of these!

The Importance of Getting a Client-Agency Relationship Right

Relationship management is one of the most important aspects of any client-agency partnership. Whilst results are important, an overall understanding and a willingness to learn and improve hold equal weighting. Read these tips for long-term success.

The Psychology of Perceived Value in Selling Your Agency Services

What really matters to B2B customers? It is not always just about the rational in the buying process. People buying agency services may have a range of conscious and subconscious triggers and playing to these may give your agency the edge.

7 Ways To Increase Agency Revenue

How to increase agency revenue is a question that is asked a lot. Often the goal of a new agency is to power through the £1m revenue ceiling and investing in a new business campaign is a means to drive that growth. Here are 7 points to keep in mind.

Cold Calling Is Dead - 4 Reasons That Will Tell You Otherwise

Cold calling continues to be a topic that divides opinion and is a concept that is often misunderstood. Here we look at four reasons why cold-calling can be an extremely useful channel in your sales process.

Lose the language barrier: the value of multilingual marketing

A strong multilingual marketing programme goes beyond simply translating your website or adverts into a range of different languages. It involves investing in your language skills and expanding your cultural awareness.