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Does hyper-personalised communication have a future?

Despite hyper-personalisation’s growing importance, global advisory firm, Gartner, predicts that by 2025, 80% of companies that have invested will abandon it

A Most Contagious Continuum

2019 was a good year. Fuelled by the insights gathered at the Most Contagious conference at the end of last year, we’ve taken a brief glance in the rear-view mirror to collect some of the key themes within marketing and society that we think are going to shape 2020.

The World Of Inserts

What are inserts? Why are they a vital part of omnichannel marketing? This article will answer these questions.

Data Hygiene Summit

New for 2020, a collective of DMA members are meeting to discuss common opportunities across the Data Hygiene markets. We are reaching out to the wider DMA membership to invite new participants to join us for the next meeting in January.

Benefits of Cloud Data Cleansing

Research commissioned by Dun & Bradstreet revealed 46% of business decision makers don’t have the right technology to take advantage of their data. For more information on the benefits of cloud data cleansing read this article.

3 Address Validation Mistakes Your Business Must Avoid

In the UK, 48% of employees waste three or more hours a day on inefficient systems. Over the course of a year this costs the average business at least £28,000. Address data inaccuracy can be avoided, find out more here.