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Gamification in marketing: The new panacea?

As we struggle to achieve cut-through with our marketing messages, can gamification help provide the answer?

OneTrust PreferenceChoice: Using Trust and Privacy to Drive Competitive Advantage

Join the DMA alongside OneTrust PreferenceChoice and WW to discover how marketers can use privacy and trust as a competitive advantage for their business.

The Value Exchange Series Part 2: Different types of value

In part 1 of our 2021 Value Exchange series: Actualising the Value Exchange we explored the complexity of the value exchange and started to unpick how value can be capitalised upon at scale. After all, it’s all well and good to be able to provide a brilliant experience to one customer...

The importance of data hygiene as we transition out of lockdown

The impact of Covid-19 on customer data and what this means for data quality

Growth for fulfilment and direct mail firm despite challenges of Covid-19

A fulfilment and direct mail firm has seen turnover increase by more than 46% in the last 6 months compared with the same period a year ago, amidst a global pandemic and strict lockdown measures which have affected many businesses.

Attitudes to Personal Data Management

How Do Consumers And Businesses Feel About Data Management Practices, And What Can Be Done To Close The Gap Between Expectation And Reality?

Marketing Trends: Data & The Single Customer View

In this article, we will be going over some of the arguments for why the Single Customer View does work and the contradictions. We hope that this will encourage people to consider their thoughts and perspectives on the matter.

The Value Exchange: An Introduction

What’s your definition of the value exchange? In our new series of articles we’re unpicking what value actually is and how it can be leveraged at scale.

How Creativity Makes Real Change

Join RAPP for a session that gives you the inside track on how businesses such as DMA Award Winners MRM, No More, Gravity Road and Sainsbury's harnessed the power of creativity to drive positive changes in challenging times.