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The Rise of Customer Data Platforms

With all the buzz about Customer Data Platforms (CDPs), I read an insightful comment about them recently that really got me thinking. That was “CDPs are not bought, they are built.”.

Which marketing campaigns should you outsource?

The types of marketing automation campaigns you might consider outsourcing fit broadly into five top level categories. While not an exhaustive list, these are the most common categories, focussed on bringing you the highest value if outsourced.

The Customer Journey - tear up the rule book?

A customer journey should provide a personalised experience based on known and learned knowledge of the customers in it.

Compliance is not a target, it's a continuous journey

Take a look at how Purple Square's own GDPR compliance journey has evolved.

The New Dawn of Direct

With digital transformation the order of the day it’s easy to wave ta-ta to more traditional ways of doing things. But, history teaches us that things don’t change as much as we - and our ‘next-big-thing’ focused industry - would have us believe. There’s a very real danger of...

WEBINAR: Q3 2021 Results: Unveiling the new JICMAIL Test and Learn Toolkit

Join the JICMAIL team for another round up of quarterly mail performance, a run through our new Test and Learn Toolkit and a Q&A with the WARC Managing Editor Amy Rodgers.

Bring Sexy Back

MullenLowe London's strategy director, Hannah Hayes-Westall writes her latest piece for her column in Little Black Book on art & fashion's new focus on joyful sexiness and why advertising needs to pay attention to it.