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Accord releases annual travel report: '2019: All Mapped Out'

From regenerative tourism to skip-gen group travel, we have pulled together the five topics that have caught our interest, offering guidance on how these trends will shape the coming year.

TLA's, buzzwords and gobbledygook - Has marketing really come to this?

A light-hearted explanation of the latest marketing buzzwords

Testing and measuring campaigns to maximise ROI

Given the heavy cost of marketing acquisition, it is particularly important that marketing activities undergo rigorous testing

Developing long-term customer relationships

Once you have your customers on board, how do you ensure their experience remains smooth or, more importantly, that they continue to trust you over your competitors?

Profit from the power of handwritten notes

With robot help, handwritten messages became available. If you want to get attention from your customers - handwritten notes are the way to go. The open rate of handwritten messages is 40% higher than any other printed collateral. Read more.

Don't look back in anger. 10 years of game changers in B2B marketing

Some musings on what have been the biggest game changers in B2B marketing in the last decade

Thoughts on Salesforce World Tour London 2019

Our Director of Partner & Alliances, Katie Bates, shares her impression and thoughts following a very successful Salesforce World Tour last week in London.