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Data Protection Checklist when Selecting Suppliers

This article considers how you manage your suppliers' handling of your personal data? What factors do you need to consider when carrying out your due diligence at appointment and when / how do you decide whether to audit your suppliers’ activities?

Ready, Steady, Staycation! ParcVu Case Study

ParcVu has been a provider of Holiday Park software for over 35 years. Find out how we helped them enhance their user experience ahead of the 2020 staycation season.

Print that doesn't cost the Earth

Edit are proud to have signed up to Two Sides, an initiative to promote the sustainability of the communications supply chain and dispel common environmental misconceptions on why print and paper is a sustainable communications medium.

Direct Mail - Don't call it a resurgence

To say direct mail is having a resurgence would be to deny its steady existence as a vital channel for many retail businesses since the mail order boom years.