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Wednesday, 3rd June 2020

DMA House
70 Margaret Street

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Inclusion, purpose, accessibility, and diversity. These buzzwords are being championed by brands worldwide, but are organisations really prioritising inclusivity? Join our breakfast briefing with CDS, British Gas and The Customer First Group as we explore the issues of focussing on inclusion and purpose.

64% of consumers are now belief-driven buyers, meaning that they expect the brands they engage with to stand for something and be authentic.

But for every organisation taking strides to make a positive impact, there are many more interested in trying to say the right thing and jump on the inclusion bandwagon as a short-term fix, rather than as a long-term strategy.

Join us to:

  • Hear from the Consumer Champion, Martin Newman. Founder of The Customer First Group, who will be sharing his insights about the key building blocks for customer centricity
  • Learn from Lucy Beldon, Planning and Inclusivity Lead, CDS who will be delving into recent research on why inclusive communications are essential
  • Explore how and why brand purpose must translate to reach an internal audience if you really want to make a lasting impact, with Hanisha Kotecha, Growth Strategist
  • Hear from Andy Freeman, Head of Customer Engagement & Acquisition, British Gas on why brands, marketers and advertisers need to embrace diversity and inclusion, so it stops being a novelty and becomes normal

Our breakfast briefing will explore the issues driving an increased focus on inclusion and purpose, what consumers want and expect from brands and how organisations can start to make a positive impact.


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For all enquiries regarding this event, including sponsorship opportunities, please contact Jaspria Roda.

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