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Tuesday, 18th February 2020

Norloch House
36 King's Stables Road

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How is customer experience evolving? Find out the latest insights and expert viewpoints on an emerging marketing and creative universe, led by the hyper-personal; gamification; and AR/VR.

For your marketing and messaging to thrive and grow in 2020 and beyond, there is a whole, emerging world of customer experience you can tap into.

This session - led by DMA Head of Insight Tim Bond, and Scott Logie, Customer Engagement Director at REaD Group and Chair of the DMA’s Customer Engagement Committee - looks at three key cornerstones of this universe:

  • The personalised experience

We take an up-close look at personalisation – no longer, if it ever was, the dream open goal for marketers.

Ask: what do customers want from personalised experiences? What are they willing to engage with? What are the barriers to them taking the next step in their digital lives?

  • Gamification

In 2018, nearly half of consumers (45%) had used or were interested in using an app that "motivates me to stick to a personal goal“ - rising to 79% and 74% of Gen Z and Millennials respectively.

So how can you tap into the consumer aspiration? What personalised experiences engage across diverse touchpoints? How can you craft competition and personal challenges that resonate?

  • AR / VR

AR / VR and mixed reality technologies hold disruptive implications for many areas of life – and thus present a diverse challenge for marketers.

Get the expert view on the channels and CX strategies you need to cultivate to maximise AR / VR impacts. And discover the latest techniques in AR / VR creative and marketing that will allow you to grow your brand’s presence both digitally and physically.

And you’ll also get the key findings and takeaways from our research - carried out with in collaboration with Paragon, Collinson, dotdigital and in partnership with Foresight Factory - on Acquisition and the Consumer Mindset, with a focus on why customers leave behind the brands they claim to love.


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For all enquiries regarding this event, including sponsorship opportunities, please contact Lisa McLauchlan.

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