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Mailing Houses resource: Why mail? newsletter


Promote your mailing house with the help of Why mail?, a ready-made mailer that sells the benefits of direct mail. Just follow these five easy steps to find out how to download and use your free copy of Why mail?

1. Sign into the DMA website
First, you need to make sure you’re logged into the DMA website as this is an exclusive DMA member benefit.

2. Download and personalise your copy of Why mail?
You are now ready to download the Why mail? pdf at the bottom of this page. The pdf is suitable for digital and litho print. All you have to do is add your company logo and contact details in the spaces provided on the front page so people know it’s come from you. You need to print in full colour on A3 paper folded to A4.

3. Choose an envelope size for your mailing
Most of you will probably want to send the mailing in a C5 envelope to save on postage. If you use a window envelope you’ll be able to add a sales letter too.

4. Decide how many people will receive your mailing
You can send the newsletter to as many or few people as you want. There is no minimum or maximum number.

5. Get your free data
We expect you’ll want to start off by sending the Why mail? newsletter to your database. To take advantage of the free data offer we’ve negotiated with Marketscan, set up an account with Marketscan directly at

Once you’ve set up an account (and notified the DMA) you’ll get access to up to 1,000 free records.

Terms & Conditions

1. These terms and conditions relate to DMA member companies use of the Why mail? newsletter.

2. The PDF of the newsletter is available for download, reproduction and mailing by DMA member companies from Monday 17 October 2011 until such date as DMA member companies are informed that a second edition becomes available.

3. The newsletter must be reproduced in its entirety.

4. The newsletter may be personalised by the DMA member company, inserting a company logo and contact details in the designated area of the front page, next to, and not obscuring the DMA logo.

5. The newsletter PDF may be downloaded, print-ready, for either digital or litho.

6. The newsletter should be printed in full colour on A3 paper folded to A4. We recommend printing on a minimum of 90g paper.

7. The newsletter has been designed to fold to A5 and mail in C5 to minimise postage.

8. The newsletter mailing should include a personalised covering letter from the DMA member carrying out the mailing.

9. There is no minimum or maximum limit of reproduction. DMA member companies may mail to their own prospect list or utilise the member deal with Marketscan ( Marketscan’s normal terms and conditions will apply.

10. DMA member companies may open an account with Marketscan subject to Marketscan’s normal terms and conditions, (notifying and receive 1,000 record credit for free. The data is provided with phone numbers where available, email addresses are not available under the free data offer. The data is available for once only usage with the DMA newsletter, and cannot be used for any other purpose.

Extra records can be purchased at a 20% discount on normal terms with Marketscan.

11. Please retain a copy of these terms and conditions for your records.

12. The DMA and Marketscan may withdraw the newsletter and the Marketscan offer at any time.

Now you’ve read our terms and conditions above you’re ready to download your copy of Why mail?

By downloading the article below you are agreeing to accept the above terms and conditions.


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