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Introducing B2B Careers Adventure


Let’s be honest, B2B marketing has often been seen as the less glamorous cousin to its B2C counterpart. Indeed, B2C marketing forms what the general public considers to be ‘marketing’.

B2B refers to business-to-business communications, rather than the more recognisable business to customer communications we see all the time.

Selling to another business is quite different from selling to the general consumer – you need to consider the organisation’s commercial objectives and how they can be met.

While it may be true that as a kid you never said, ‘I want to be a B2B marketer when I grow up.’ That’s not to say a career in B2B marketing can’t be fulfilling, there are ample opportunities, often with attractive salaries. B2B roles are challenging and require just as much creativity – if not more so than B2C ones.

B2B marketing is dynamic, diverse and different. And the DMA’s B2B Council are on a mission to prove it.

During our B2B Careers Adventure series, we’ll explore why B2B marketing is not just an ok thing to devote your career to, but why it’s a good thing. A worthy thing.

Here’s why;

  • You’ll help businesses grow.
  • You’ll help clients achieve success in their careers
  • You’ll work alongside talented, engaged positive people, who also love what they do
  • You’ll learn new things, every day. B2B marketing in the age of content marketing, lead nurturing, search, social and analytics – is one of the steepest learning curves in the entire industry
  • You may have days that are challenging, difficult and even a little bit scary, instead of cruising along with work well within your comfort zone
  • Your work will demand creativity

Get ready for a deep-dive into what B2B is all about, how to break into the B2B industry, and why it could be your perfect career adventure.

Richard Robinson, Chair of the B2B Council, wants you to know “the B2B Council has a wealth of experience and expertise it wants to share with talent that is perfect for the B2B industry. We want to show everyone what it’s like to work in this unique environment as it thrives on innovative ideas, new technology, and the latest data analysis.”

Start your B2B career adventure right here by getting a valuable insight into what it’s like to work in B2B. With upcoming interviews from people all over the industry, from those just starting out to those who have lived, breathed and shaped B2B to what it is today, you can get everything you need to start your own path.

Explore the journey into B2B

Find out how to break into B2B

Best of the best in B2B

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