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B2B from the Inside

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Continue your B2B careers adventure right here by gaining valuable insight into what it’s like to work in B2B.

We’ve spoken to people from all over the industry, from those just starting out to those who have lived, breathed and shaped B2B to what it is today.

Watch below to find out from our industry experts what it means to work in B2B marketing, the benefits of working in the industry and how best to get started.

Faye Stammers - Account Executive, Quantum

Sian Beveridge, Brand Marketing Manager, Barnardo's

Sam Walrond, Client Manager, Earnest

Claire Wood, Operations Director & Interim Head of Marketing, Deloitte LLP

Kate Tickner, EMEA Alliances Lead, Reltio

Explore the journey into B2B

Find out how to break into B2B

Best of the best in B2B

Hear from some B2B experts

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