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Beyond the Basics: 3 Tips to Advance Loyalty Programmes


A staggering 53% of consumers in Europe will pay more to purchase from their favoured brand (European Consumer Trends Index 2023, Marigold, 2023). It doesn’t take a data scientist to see how much loyalty – or a lack thereof – impacts customer behaviour, spending, retention and satisfaction.

However, truly committing to building a strong relationship with customers means moving away from generic, transaction-based loyalty strategies - and towards personalised loyalty programmes that deliver deeper value to the customer.

In our Quick Read Guide, Beyond the Basics: 3 Tips to Advance Loyalty Programmes, we offer tips to advance your loyalty programmes by:

  • Enriching customer data with interactive experiences throughout the customer journey

  • Rethinking your approach to loyalty points, statuses and tiers

  • Making your marketing personal

Download the free guide Beyond the Basics: 3 Tips to Advance Loyalty Programmes today to see how and why advanced loyalty always wins.

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