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Place a shopping assistant with every potential customer, all of the time.

Is your brand utilising “I want to buy” moments? Are you helping your audience out at these times? Are you benefitting from them?

“I want to buy” moments are, according to Google the “hundreds of micro-moments throughout the day when we’re making purchase decisions. (What’s the best choice? Can I afford to buy this? Is it worth it?)”.

At these points, it would be pretty great to have a shopping assistant nearby to help reaffirm that purchase, wouldn’t it?

Well, with some simple tech, you can basically do exactly that. And without having to hire a hell of a lot of people.

iBeacon solutions are, of course, the answer here. You can use them to send content to people’s phones that will help answer any questions they might have during those “I want to buy” moments.

Removing those barriers to purchase is more than likely going to lead to a lot more purchases and a lot more happy customers. Infact, Google found that 93% of people who use a mobile device for research go on to make a purchase so… yeah.

For example, you could use iBeacons to send a 10% off voucher to people just as they’re staring at the price tag and wondering if it might be a bit too much. You can push them video content of different uses for the product while they’re thinking “Will I use this more than once?”. Or, show them simple brand messaging that will help them decide whether or not it’s the right choice.

But what about those people who were already going to buy? Well, pushing them this same kind of content, stuff that will help them justify and reaffirm their choice will make them feel so much happier about the purchase. So they’ll be more likely to enjoy the product for longer and more likely to return for more.

Coupling iBeacons with the right kind of content in your stores is a sure fire way to increase sales. It is literally like having a personal shopping assistant for each and every one of your customers, ready to give them the information and push they need to buy.

Discover more about Live Beacon, the only end-to-end iBeacon solution, let’s you do all this with great ease too (iBeacons can be pretty tricky to set up otherwise).

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