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TPS Assured: telemarketing certification of TPS compliance

Show your're a responsible telemarketer with TPS Assured
Show you're a responsible telemarketer with TPS Assured The telemarketing industry has faced a consumer backlash in recent years over cold calls and silent calls. How do legitimate telemarketers safeguard their reputation and distance themselves from such rogue practices?
TPS Assured certification indicates to your clients, regulators and the general public that your business not only complies with all the rules governing telemarketing, but also respects the wishes of consumers by following best practice.
All organisations that achieve TPS Assured certification are allowed to display the TPS Assured logo on their website and corporate literature, showing the world that they are responsible telemarketers.

what is tps assured? links

TPS Assured is an annual audit and certification service operated by the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) that assesses whether your organisation complies with:

How can TPS Assured help my business?
Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR) TPS Assured downloads
TPS Assured handbook
TPS Assured application form
TPS Assured (Call Centre) Handbook
TPS Assured Audit Process
TPS Assured (Call Centre) Application Form
Ofcom guidance Where can I find out more?
Contact one of our TPS Assured advisers on 020 7291 3300 or email
TPS Assured's guidance on outbound telemarketing best practice (See TPS Assured Handbook - Schedule 3) TPS in the press

Read the latest TPS news stories, from who's been fined to what the regulators have in store.

If your business makes outbound sales calls to UK consumers or outsources to a company that makes them for you, you will benefit from getting TPS Assured certification.

Independent advice:

Before undertaking the TPS Assured audit you may want to seek advice from a consultant to help you prepare for the assessment.

Contact: David Nicholls, DJN Solutions Ltd.

Call 01296 661020 / 07712 836871
or email

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