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TPS Assured

Introducing: TPS Assured

If your organisation undertakes any form of telemarketing you need to comply with a host of different laws, rules,
regulations and guidelines.

Each organisation’s compliance regime varies due to different objectives and different types of telemarketing used to
suit their specific business needs – whether it’s automated/agent outbound sales calls, handling inbound enquiries,
providing customer service or taking bookings or orders, and whether the telemarketing function is outsourced to a
third-party call centre.

The Telephone Preference Service (TPS) has now launched a new ‘TPS Assured’ service as part of its mandate to ensure
that all organisations and call centres have access to expert advice and guidance.
TPS Assured is an annual audit and certification service operated by TPS that will assess whether your organisation
complies with PECR regulations, Ofcom guidance and TPS Assured’s guidance on outbound telemarketing best
practice when interacting with UK consumers.

TPS Assured provides a range of important benefits:

• Organisations awarded ‘TPS Assured’ status certification have permission to use ‘TPS Assured’ logo on
literature and websites. This provides consumers with confidence your telemarketing practices have been
independently assessed by an authoritative body and are based on sound and ethical principles.
• External validation of your compliance regime will help minimise the risk of fines and citations by Ofcom and
ICO for a breach of rules, providing re-assurance to your compliance and legal functions that you are taking all
reasonable steps to achieve compliance.
• Helps avoid adverse publicity and risk of reputational damage – and associated consequences.
• TPS Assured provides certified organisations up-to-date news and advice on any changes that may affect
compliance management.
• Certified organisations will receive immediate updates should any changes to laws, rules or regulations be
introduced which would affect telemarketing activity.

You can achieve certification if you are a UK-based organisation that uses outbound telemarketing to interact
with UK consumers.

Find out how you can help your organisation realise the benefits of an audit and certification service provided by one
of the most recognised consumer services in the UK.

The TPS Assured handbook provides full details on both initial and subsequent renewal audit processes and costs.
Application forms can be found at

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