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Most marketers are investing in trialling new technology, reveals new DMA survey

Research from the DMA and Pure360 reveals 87% of marketers have a dedicated budget for testing new technology to engage customers

What is the true value of data? New industry campaign seeks answers

The DMA partners with the University of Edinburgh to explore and champion the role of data, helping organisations deliver value to their customers

"There are choices that we need to make if we are to earn the trust of our customers"

DMA CEO challenges data and marketing industry to embrace the opportunity to change

Complaints about data and privacy still dominate 2018

Data, privacy and quality of data continue to lead consumer complaints, according to the latest DM Commission report

Consumers more confident in how brands handle their data post-GDPR

41% of people say they are more confident about how brands treat their personal data, according to a new report

TPS Protect app update

TPS Protect app for Android and iOS will be shutting down in 2019