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DMA Insight: Social media snapshot


What makes for a social media expert? Does your job title show how much you know? Or is the battle to keep up a challenge faced equally from entry level to the boardroom? Find out in our new snapshot. 

Social media changes. Fast. 

Even in marketers' most commonly used platforms, things change weekly. 

This makes it difficult for marketers to keep up. 

The DMA's Social Media Council decided to measure marketers' knowledge to see where the average marketer is right now and test what it is the "experts" really know. 

Over 230 marketers took our knowledge survey. The results are presented below. 

Find out what factors influence knowledge - think bigger than just job titles - and whether junior marketers scored higher than senior, and which is the question everyone got wrong. 

Julie Atherton, Chair of the DMA Social Media Council, said, "The research shows the maturity of social media. No longer the responsibility of a specialist department, knowledge and skills in social are essential for all marketers in building strong customer-focused brands”. 

Don't forget to sign-up to our special webinar Mind The Social Gap, with Social Council Chair and Small Wonder MD Julie Atherton and deputy chair Lynsey Sweales.

The webinar will help you get to grips with getting more social skills in this fast-paced sector.


Social media snapshot


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