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DMA insight: How marketers prepare for the GDPR


Infographic: how marketers prepare for the GDPR, plus evidence that while marketers are pragmatic about the GDPR, Brexit has already hurt business in the UK and Europe

The third part of the DMA's examination of how businesses prepare for the GDPR reveals the sequence in which they have made their preparations.

In addition, over previous editions of this research, preparedness and awareness for this new law have increased.

But since these previous editions we now have specifc guidance from the UK regulator the Information Commissioner’s Offce and from the EU regulator the Article 29 Working Party.

These specifc instructions have shown marketers that there is more work to do than expected and marketers feel less prepared then before.

B2B marketers remain the least prepared, but this group is beginning to polarise, with some now realising some of the challenge ahead.

Finally, while marketers are pragmatic about the introduction of the GDPR, they say that trade within the UK and with Europe has declined since the last research, although international trade has increased slightly but from a much smaller base.

Use our GDPR checklist to help your business prepare for the GDPR.

DMA insight: how marketers prepare for the GDPR

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