Introducing the campaign for Great British Creativity.

It began with writers and a fight for the power of the word.

Now we're bigger than ever and we want you along for the ride.

Creativity has always been one of British business' most important resources, industries, and exports. And yet in business today, creativity is appreciated less by company and government decision makers than ever.

Add your voice to our mission to prove the value of creativity in UK business, government and society today.

Here's what's going on;

The Creative Committee

The Creative Committee is made up of the best creative minds in the business who come together to focus on the value that Creativity can bring to UK businesses.

The Campaign for Great British Creativity: Debi Bester, DMA writer-in-residence

Debi Bester explains our Campaign for Great British Creativity, going in depth on how she sees the industry today, her favourite creative campaigns and breaking down prejudices and stereotypes.

Notes from 'What is Creativity for in the UK today'

To celebrate the launch of our Campaign for Great British Creativity we gathered to discuss the state of creativity in the UK today and what lies ahead. Feel like you missed out? Have no fear, we've captured a few highlights for you here.

Future Writers' Labs

The next generation of Great British creatives are waiting in the wings, ready to shape the future. Want to join them? Sign up to our Future Writers' Labs and you'll experiment every week with your craft, under the expert guidance of Debi Bester.

Command, Shift, Design - resetting our relationship with design in advertising

RAPP's Hiten Bhatt on a new programme aiming to disrupt our understanding of strategic design thinking.

Find out more about our Campaign for Great British Creativity here.

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