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Internal Policy Framework for Vulnerable Consumers

A 2017 study by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) found that 50% of UK consumers show one or more characteristics of potential vulnerability. Find out how you can protect at-risk individuals alongside the DMA Vulnerable Consumers Working Group.

Multi-Channel Guidance for Consumers in Vulnerable Circumstances

How can we best support consumers in vulnerable circumstances? Read the multi-channel guide for businesses from the DMA Vulnerable Consumers Working Group and DMA Contact Centre Council.

Coronavirus: How Businesses Can Help Vulnerable People

The Vulnerable Consumers Working Group looked at what best practice need needs to be in place for vulnerable people while organisations transition to home working.

Framework: Develop vulnerable customer policies for internal and external use

These frameworks from the DMA's Vulnerable Taskforce will help you create internal and external policies to market to and communicate with vulnerable customers

Who are vulnerable consumers and how can you learn to recognise their needs?

Evidence suggests that over 25 million people in the UK may be in a state of vulnerability. Training experts, Elaine Lee and Jacqui Crawley, explain how their masterclasses can help you to identify them and improve their customer experience.
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White Paper: Guidelines for call centres dealing with vulnerable consumers

The DMA's Contact Centres & Telemarketing Council has published a set of guidelines for call centres and companies engaged with telemarketing practical guidance on how to identify and manage a call with someone they believe is unable to make an informed decision, such as those living with...

How many of your customers are vulnerable?

Any customer can be vulnerable according to the new whitepaper from the DMA's vulnerable consumer taskforce, and companies will benefit by treating these customers appropriately

Vulnerable consumers

A crucial challenge for any responsible business is how they support their most vulnerable consumers. To help companies better understand vulnerable audiences we have put together a webinar featuring the latest advice, guidance and best practice insight.

Catering for vulnerable consumers is not a nice to have but a necessity

Putting your customer first means catering for your many different customers, some of whom may find it difficult to make informed decisions. Use our vulnerable consumer guidelines and training materials to help make your telemarketing better