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DMA Talent Creative Data Labs Application Form


Join us at one of our 1 day laboratories to tackle a brief provided by a well-known brand. Plus you'll get to network with like-minded peers and industry experts, helping to build your connections.

Apply now for your opportunity to attend this free 1 day event.

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Diversity Monitoring Questions

We want to gain a better understanding of the demographic of people that apply for and attend our programmes to make sure we are reaching a diverse audience. The answers to the following questions will not be looked at during the selection process and will not affect your chance of being selected.

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We’d like to add you to DMA Talent’s database as we have lots more programmes and events like this we’d like to share with you. From creative to data to strategy our programmes are all developed to help get your foot in the marketing industry’s door. For more information, please read the DMA's privacy policy here.

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