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Transforming mobile phones from opportunity breakers into sale makers


“After reading something on a smartphone, nearly one in four shoppers has changed his or her mind about buying something while in the checkout line” (Google, 2015)

Last year Google published this fascinating statistic. You can have all but made a sale and then suddenly, the purchase can be interrupted, stopped, abandoned? That’s a pretty scary thought for any marketeer that is targeted on sales conversions.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom. People aren’t changing their mind because Siri reminded them to save their money in case another recession hits. They’re changing their minds because they’re finding other people’s content and not yours.
That means you can do something about it!

It is safe to assume the majority of your customers have a smartphone on them at all times; probably. So you can no longer expect them to buy from you just because they’re standing in front of you with fistful of cash and credit on their card. They are constantly connected to information and they will certainly use that connection.

But that’s when you, the marketeer, will need to strike, when you call forth the power of mobile marketing. It’s up to you to utilise that little machine in people’s pockets so that it doesn’t turn them against you and instead reaffirms their purchase.

By delivering mobile content to the right people, in the right place, at the right time, you have the potential, and the opportunity, to be unstoppable.

Maybe we can’t prevent people checking their mobile phones every 60 seconds but we can serve them rich, informative and engaging content when they that are mulling over the decision as whether to purchase your product or not.

We can deliver people content…
> When they’re about to walk past a product
> At the exact moment they’re thinking about making a purchase
> When they’re more engaged with our brands than at any other time

Just think, a filthy-rich media mogul is in your car dealership and trying to decide if they really love your car. What if, at that very point, they could see a promo video of the vehicle racing through the gorgeous Italian countryside (you know, that video that cost you a few grand to produce and just sits on your YouTube page gathering dust)? At the very least, it puts you at an advantage over that competitor car dealership down the road. Everyone is looking for an edge; right?!

Now, a potential buyer is in your store, eyeing up your new clothing range. She just loves that jacket but isn’t sure what she could wear it with. Maybe she should just leave it. Or, you could simply deliver a bunch of interactive outfit ideas as web content straight to her phone.

iBeacon marketing is one of the cleverer ways that a number of brands are brilliantly utilising mobile content. In fact, we help most of them do it and it’s super cool stuff. You can learn more about iBeacon solutions here.

Mobile phones can be a curse or a gift, a devil to some and an angel to others. But it’s within our own power to choose which. Will you ignore this tech, or embrace it and use it to power your future?

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