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The Emperor's new watch


This article on LinkedIn caught my attention, given all the inevitable hype around the launch of the Apple Watch this week. And it's interesting to see how all the PR has been to avoid the usual Apple heartland talk of technology and performance and instead to focus and attempt to position this product as a luxury product (complete with a US$10,000 gold version).

And yet, this isn't a Lambourghini or Christian Louboutin product. It's a geeky watch that apple fans around the world are going to buy in their millions (admittedly, not the Gold one).

My prediction is that we're really going to hear a heck of a lot (more) about battery life (and the fact you also need to have an iPhone on you for it to be able to do all it's whizzy app connectivity stuff!) once this starts shipping.

And then an old friend from Uni posted this picture on his facebook timeline and it summed up the product completely for me (call me an old cynic!)... he couldn't afford the GOLDen Delicious version!

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