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Tesco goes AR and QR for the holidays

Tesco has rolled out a creative new mobile campaign enabling customers to purchase items in store window displays without setting foot in the store. The campaign uses Augmented Reality (AR) and QR code technology so you only need to scan the item with your phone from afar, and from there the purchase process is straightforward. The items for sale are ones not normally available for purchase so they aren’t ‘stealing’ any foot traffic from the stores either.


Tesco are no strangers to trialling mobile technology to drive out of store sales as indicated last year with their innovative shopping displays in subways in Korea and Gatwick airport. I’m pleased to see this latest initiative but in order to really drive customer sales, the proposition has to be compelling enough for users to use technologies they might not be familiar with (i.e. AR & QR) instead of just opening Google and searching for Tesco. We hope to see some results from this campaign in January!

Read more about the campaign here and happy shopping!

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