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Mobile Users Are Everywhere (so why are they out of reach?)


Earlier this week I represented the Mobile & Connected Marketing Council and spoke at AdTech: London. My talk was called: Mobile Users are Everywhere (so why are they out of reach?) In case you missed it, here’s a summary of what I spoke about.

$18B in mobile ad spend this year, and what do we have to show for it? When was the last time a mobile ad even registered with you – let alone resonated?

In this “always on” world of interaction with many media, the importance of understanding each consumer encounter with a brand grows dramatically. Adding mobile to your media plan as a tag along is not a strategy. It only becomes value if you understand the true dynamics of the space: always on, always connected means always mobile first.

We rush to convert people but what experiences are you giving your consumers from the app and mobile web prospective? This is where personalization, relevance and responsiveness trump bling every time. Unlike traditional media, mobile is deeply personal, therefore you don’t need to shout, you only need to listen and respond intelligently. The aim of the game is to reach the right audience and show them the most relevant and engaging ad. To do that we need to have data!

Data underpins the digital experience because without data we are simply blind! But information allows us to play a more intelligent game of “guess who”and it allows us to view the touchpoints of consumer experience together. The customer journey doesn't revolve around sessions or cookies anymore. It revolves around the hundreds of interactions that each and every consumer has with mobile devices on a daily basis.

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