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Mobile to play a major role in raising money for BandAid30, says Sir Bob Geldof


Mobile devices are going to play an integral role in Band Aid 30’s money-raising activities to help fight the Ebola crisis. An SMS-based competition, text donations, and track downloads via mobile devices will ensure consumers can support this incredible cause with the convenience of their mobile device regardless of time or location.

“Mobile is going to play a major role in raising money for Band Aid 30. Even before the track had been recorded, the SMS-based competition had raised a significant amount to help fight the Ebola crisis,” said Sir Bob Geldof.

An SMS-based competition got this year’s Band Aid 30 money-raising initiatives underway. Using a short code and mobile platform provided by Oxygen8, the competition ran from November 11-14th. The campaign was also supported by The Sun newspaper.

Between Oxygen8 and the UK mobile operators it was agreed that all of the proceeds from the £1.50 SMS fee went to Band Aid 30. We have been united with the mobile operators to deliver a campaign that maximises the money-raising potential of the SMS-based competition to Band Aid 30 in the fight against Ebola. When things need getting done quickly, messaging is more robust, reliable and faster than any other channel.

The convenience of mobile will continue to allow the UK public to support this amazing cause, either through text donations, or using their mobile device to download the track at any time or any location.”

Do They Know It’s Christmas was first played on The X-Factor on November 16th and is now available to download, with the CD available to purchase in two week’s time.

Robert Townsend, Chief Marketing Officer, Oxygen8 Group

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