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Masterclass: Recognising the needs of vulnerable consumers and how to make reasonable adjustments


Here at the DMA we are proud champions of Responsible Marketing and we’re delighted to be able to bring you our Vulnerable Consumers Masterclasses.

Almost every organisation will interact with consumers who, at times, will find it harder than usual to make informed decisions about the choices offered to them, due to their circumstances.

Challenging personal situations may be unexpected, short-term or long-lasting; either way, they may affect your customers' ability to interact with your business and will need to be considered so you can better support the customers' needs.

Does your organisation always know when you are interacting with a consumer in a vulnerable circumstance? Can you easily identify those needing reasonable adjustments and are you able to offer alternative solutions rather than inadvertently making a difficult situation even more challenging?

In their July 2020 press release the Financial Conduct Authority noted that 50% of UK consumers currently show one or more characteristics of potential vulnerability (24.1 million) – based on their health, financial resilience and capability, and on life events that could be having a detrimental impact on them. The coronavirus pandemic will have affected these statistics, with furlough and redundancies putting further pressure on the financial circumstances of families across the UK - your customers.

Our practical masterclasses have been created to help customer-facing staff to recognise vulnerability and identify the most appropriate reasonable adjustments keeping both the customer and organisation happy.

Our training has been designed by industry experts from within the direct marketing industry and created for all levels - from introductory to advanced - to benefit a broad range of employees working with consumers in vulnerable circumstances. During the masterclass you will:

  • Learn to appreciate that vulnerability is complex and changeable - helping you recognise vulnerability when you see it
  • Take part in a masterclass and learn how to adapt training to suit your audience
  • Experience first-hand vulnerable circumstance and how they can affect everyday activities
  • Understand what reasonable adjustments can be made and decide which are the most appropriate for your consumers
  • Learn about the impact on your staff of handling contacts with customers and understand how to best support your teams
  • Take away a practical e-book to take away and share in your organisation

Masterclasses are run by Elaine Lee of ReynoldsBusbyLee Ltd and Jacqui Workman of KMB Ltd, who have been championing the needs of Vulnerable Consumers for nearly a decade as co-chairs of the DMA's Vulnerable Consumers Working Group.

The next masterclasses will run via MS Teams on:

  • Wednesday 20 January 2021 (

This full-day masterclass includes an afternoon session whereby attendees experience ‘hands-on’ some of the many challenges consumers face.

In advance of the session, delegates will be sent a pack of tools and equipment to be used in the session. Early booking is recommended to ensure your pack arrives in time.

Masterclasses are £150 (+VAT) per person for DMA Members and £180 (+VAT) per person for Non-members.

The training materials have reached over 10,000 customer facing professionals to date, and consistently get high scoring reviews including these testimonials below. The materials have been updated to include a perspective of the impact of the coronavirus pandemic in the creation of vulnerable circumstances.

"In total, we've run 7 sessions all over the country and trained almost 90 staff. The feedback has been excellent with all managers saying how easy it is to roll out, using these notes and slides, the Telephone Fundraisers have commented on how much they've enjoyed the sessions and how well they've been able to pick it up and understand it. So, a big thanks from us" - Catherine Lloyd, RNIB

Spaces are limited so please contact to book your place. If you are unable to make this date or the session sells out, please let us know of your interest and we will advise you of the next available dates.

Get the help you need to have the right conversations, the right way, for the people who need it most.

Due to high demand, there's now a reserve list for the masterclass so please get in touch if you would like to be added to it or be contacted about future dates in 2021.

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