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London Fashion Weekend - This is not just a fashion weekendâ¦


No front row invitation to New York, Milan or Paris, dahling?

Never mind. Slip on your shades, stalk along the Strand, and you too can follow in the teetering steps of the tall, skinny and glamorous.

Vodafone London Fashion Weekend offers fashion fans the opportunity to see, try and buy designer styles fresh from the catwalks of the UK’s most designery and press-attended fashion and beauty event.

Just like London Fashion Week’s celebs, journalists and paps, London Fashion Weekend means any dedicated follower of fashion can breathe in the hairspray, perch on a catwalk bench, and try not to break a heel (or worse!) in the beautiful cobbled courtyard of Somerset House.

And, as Rob Mitchell, stated here, earlier this month, being members of the DMA’s Brand Activation Council (BAC), we are keen to discover whether London Fashion Weekend offers a strong, strategic platform for brands eager to associate themselves with the allure of genuine fashion and beauty.

I was particularly looking forward to reporting on Marks & Spencer’s second season at London Fashion Weekend.

With Speziale, Limited Edition, Autograph and Per Una already well established, M&S have the micro brands available to seize catwalk trends, tweak them for the high street, and then sell accessibly-priced interpretations, all designed for real women.

But, where were they?

I looked around Somerset House, the Events Lounge, the pop-up shops and the Catwalk Experience marquee. I could find no M&S.

Searching online, I discovered that M&S would be showcasing their latest womenswear Autumn Winter 14 collection on the catwalk on Saturday 20 September. Nothing on Thursday nor Friday. So I’d miss it. Shame.

For those of us keen to view the latest designs from M&S, and not able to make the live London Fashion Weekend M&S AW14 event on Saturday, M&S Womenswear Editor, Charlene Barton, said to stay tuned to the website, adding, “We’ll be bringing you all the catwalk action next week with our exclusive video edit, courtesy of Stylist magazine.”

I look forward to seeing it.

In the meantime, by concentrating on a single half hour catwalk show, have M&S missed a fashion-stuffed shopping bag of tricks?

Will the 500-ish catwalk show audience, plus publicity generated from photography and video, justify the sponsorship spend? Or, would an engaging, interactive presence across the whole of London Fashion Weekend give this fashion-keen brand a better return?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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