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Lifetime Customer Value or Incremental Permission Value ?


How ready are marketeers to embrace the notion of incremental permission value becoming more sailent than lifetime customer value, when the new era of EU Data Protection legislation arrives on our shores?

Value Exchange such as incentive programs become an increasing example of the race to increase opt-in rates, as the gaining of consent becomes a marketing science.

Tone of voice, choice of words, media channel & language all form part of the connundrum of how to get opt-in rates as high as an aspirational 50%.

One of the real experts and authorities on the subject and worth reading, Professor Merlin Stone. "IPV will become one of the most important marketing metrics of the next marketing era. This IPV model will help brands start the process of making consent a financial issue rather than a legal one."

Is this the reality of where we are heading?

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Great question. If you would like to calculate your brand's own IPV just visit our free calculator.
Here is the free IPV website calculator.


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 david cole

Managing Director