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The government's consultation into the way it hires creative services has moved to its next phase, and invites agencies to get in touch so government can better understand what services and lots agencies may apply for

The Crown Commercial Service is finalising the creative tender process for agencies but wants to see how many agencies might be interested in applying.

Currently only a small number of businesses are registered government suppliers for creative services. DMA members have been missing out on the chance to compete for government contracts, so the DMA has been active in lobbying for this process to be opened-up.

Now the government is consulting on how best to do this. As part of this process, they would like agencies to complete this survey to better help them plan.So far, more than 600 agencies have registered their interest.

The DMA has been active in lobbying for this change, and the new agency 'frameworks' will go live before the end of 2016.

There are two frameworks on offer:

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