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Government announces Brexit data protection plans


The Government has published its position paper on the exchange and protection of personal data between the UK and EU post-Brexit

In the paper, the Government notes the UK’s global leadership when it comes to data protection and sets out its intention to come to an agreement with the EU  for exchanging and protection personal information, as part of the Government’s aim of building a new, deep and special relationship with the EU  post Brexit.

This will provide reassurance and stability for many businesses and consumers, as well as those of us in the data-driven creative industries.

Chris Combemale, CEO, DMA Group, says:

“The UK’s data-driven creative industry is already a global leader. Unfettered access to the digital single market is important to its continued success. Therefore, we welcome the government’s announcement and commitment to protecting the free flow of data between the UK and EU post-Brexit.”

The paper goes explains how the UK plans to achieve ‘adequacy’ status with the EU through a number of proposed agreements and existing plans.

For example, strengthening the existing Data Protection Act (1998), which will be replaced by the Data Protection Bill, announced in this year’s Queen’s Speech, which will keep the UK’s laws up-to-date with the latest EU data protection rules, including the GDPR.

The Government would also like to keep appropriate data protection standards for cross-border data flows. This would mean a continued position for the UK ICO within the EU regulators, working alongside the EU and other international partners, to make sure data protection standards comply. This would keep the UK’s voice and protect the rights of both individuals and businesses under data law.

Finally, the paper explains that as the UK and EU build a new relationship, it’s important for both sides that the UK starts from an point of alignment. Therefore, the Government would like to agree a UK-EU model for protecting and exchanging personal data which allows the free flows of data to continue between the EU and UK, and offers regulatory cooperation and certainty for businesses and other stakeholders.

We will keep members updated of developments as the Brexit negotiations continue, with more guidance, advice and comment found here.

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