Gold Winner: Different Kettle's campaign for Amnesty International UK | Gold Winner: Different Kettle's campaign for Amnesty International UK | DMA

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Gold Winner: Different Kettle's campaign for Amnesty International UK


Get Shell to change their policy by embarrassing their shareholders.
Fund the activity via 1,250 donors with an average gift of £16, from current supporters,lapsed donors and cold prospects.

Strategy and targeting
By offering ownership of the campaign, Amnesty hoped to create a pool of passionate, committed supporters: not only a source of financial
support but to also spread the story across the net. The other audience was Shell shareholders. Shell continues to turn an enormous profit – but its investors and shareholders will only tolerate so much unethical behaviour. If it becomes embarrassing to be associated with Shell they’ll put pressure on the company to clean up its act. So the proposed advert directly addressed them. It focuses on a champagne flute overflowing with a filthy, oily mixture. The agency hoped this would provoke Shell executives into committing to cleaning up the Delta.

The fundraising aspect hinged on the advert, as it was the product supporters were buying. Amnesty sent an email to supporters, posted in social networks and seeded a video, inviting people to buy a square centimetre for £10. £30 would get their name at the bottom of the ad. It was important people saw the creative so that they knew what they were buying, but Amnesty realised that releasing it nine days before its insertion date would give Shell the chance to see it and try to suppress it. This was anticipated and planned for. The site’s landing page encouraged people to spread the word using “share” buttons for posting on Twitter/Facebook/Myspace/Google. Supporters were also invited to leave their comments on Amnesty’s blog page and were kept updated on the appeal target.

100% increase on income and an 8:1 ROI wasn't bad. But they also helped change the world. Shell’s chairman agreed to meet Amnesty and they have since announced they’re committing an unprecedented $2 billion to reducing gas flaring in the Delta.They also revitalised Amnesty’s image: the campaign was seen as innovative, confrontational, relevant and dynamic.

Best small budget- Gold.pdf

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