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FAQs: Mobile marketing data

Mobile marketing refers to the process of marketing campaigns delivered via the mobile medium.

Mobile has a number of unique benefits for marketers – it is 'always on, always there' and with messaging, it is 'always read'. UK penetration of mobile has now reached over 90% of the population hence the reach is exceptional. Moreover, mobile’s virtues in dynamically tracking response and its immediacy in responding to events are key in making the medium ideal for direct marketers.

This document, produced by the DMA Data Council, answers the following questions:

  • What is mobile marketing?
  • What are the compliance considerations for collecting data via this channel?
  • What are the considerations for renting data collected via this channel?
  • What are best times to communicate via mobile?
  • What are the specific considerations for communications linking to websites?
  • What are the specific considerations for communications linking to apps?
  • What is Bluetooth and proximity marketing?


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