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Email Council Industry Round Table Updates


Written by Steve McGrath, Presales Technical Manager, Red Eye & Email Council Member

The DMA Email Council meets on a monthly basis and one of the regular agenda points is round table updates from the council members. The council is comprised of a mix of brands, emails service providers and marketing technology providers, so the industry updates invariably contain some very interesting information gathered (and sometimes overheard!) from some of the most experience people working within the industry

Epsilon Quarterly Benchmark Report

Epsilon quarterly trends & benchmarking report was released. One of the interesting things about this report is that is splits statistics between BAU and triggered emails. A couple oh highlights pulled from the report include:

  • Triggered open rates 63.2% higher than BAU open rates
  • Triggered click-through rates continues to perform well at 7.3%, more than double that BAU

You can download a copy of the full report here.


Vente-Privee, the online designer brand retailer, emailed their customers to announce they were leaving the UK due to ‘economic uncertainty’, and almost immediately, sent another email contradicting that blaming ‘Brexit madness’ on the error. Whether this was a very quick change of heart or an error, still reminds us of that dread we sometime feel when we hit ‘send’ on our campaigns.

Animated GIF support in Outlook

In February Microsoft announced that they were expanding support for animated GIFs to desktop users of their Office 365 product. Previously animated GIFs would only be seen on Outlooks mobile apps and web version of Outlook.

Bloomin Wild

Bloomin Wild emailed all their customers a month out from Mother’s Day saying that if the subscriber would rather not receive any Mother’s Day related marketing emails here is the chance to opt out. Other retailers have been reported doing the same thing. Nice touch and what can be a sensitive time for some people.

Data tables from photos

A new feature in android allows you take a picture of a table in excel and it puts it in a spreadsheet for you. Gimmick or really useful?


Salesforce is looking to expand its HQ in Dublin and more than doubling its workforce to 2500. (Link requires subscription for full article.

EU Domain names

In the event of a no-deal Brexit, EU officials have announced that .EU domains linked to a UK postal address will be cancelled within 2 months of withdrawal, unless the domain is relinked to a valid EU postal address

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