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#dmaZEDTalks 2: Creative ideas to help your brandâs message be in the 1% that gets noticed


A whopping 99% of what we produce is ignored, and the only way to make sure that our work is in the 1% that isn’t is to be brave, says Beri Cheetham, executive creative director at Leo Burnett.

Speaking at yesterday’s second DMA ZEDTalks event, he told delegates that today’s consumers are bombarded by 3,500 to 5,000 marketing messages a day and achieving cut-through is a huge challenge for brands.

Being brave means doing something that in the eyes of many is impractical or even impossible. And for that you need integration, not just the integration of channels (although that certainly comes into it), but the integration of all the people involved in the brand: creative, digital, CRM, PR, and the production line.

Milka, the chocolate brand of Mondelez, took a huge risk with its Dare To Be Tender campaign. In a digital twist on the classic last Rolo ads, it produced chocolate bars with one square missing and gave customers the chance to choose someone to send the missing square to someone they cared about.

Turning the product into the marketing medium was genius but difficult to execute, and needed buy-in across the business, including the risk-averse managers at the chocolate factory.

Silos and siloed thinking are the biggest barriers to this sort of total integration. By taking a non-traditional approach, like messing with the production of their product, brands can make their budget go further and become part of people’s life story.

Human beings love storytelling. A story is 22 times more likely to be remembered than facts, says Charlie Wilson, chief creative officer at OgilvyOne London.

Ikea’s ‘Make the Most of Your Garden’ campaign joined the dots of every single customer touch point (TV, email, social, press, outdoor) to create an entertaining story – remember the Say No to Gnomes ad? It also created a personalised story for each customer, creating an online invite system (so they could ask friends and family to visit) and delivering personalised weather forecasts for their garden.

For me, the campaign that the pushed the boundaries to the very limits was the one by Arc London for online English service The Tutor Crowd. The Take The Classroom To The Streets campaign is brave, fun and takes a totally non-traditional approach.

Instead of promoting its services with ads harping on about its services, it takes its tutoring to the streets, correcting graffiti art across London and posting a sticker with its website address and the offer a free trial. You can see some of the corrected graffiti here – warning! This contains content that you may find offensive.

Catch up on yesterday’s Tweets #dmaZEDTalks

The DMA ZEDTalks series is the brainchild of Ian Bates, creative director of The Real Adventure and Deputy Chair of the DMA Agencies Council. The final one in the series, Creativity and ROI, is on Wednesday 19 November 2014.

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