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Data Insights & Mobile Carriers: Part 1


At autoGraph, we help you get to know your customers and make the most of your data by building moments of trust between both your brand and your consumers.

Currently working with one of the top carriers in the US, the client has an end goal to take a creative approach when it comes to understanding their customers. Known for their innovative strategy in regards to putting the customer first, we felt that working together would be the perfect partnership as this is exactly what autoGraph does via its user-generated artificial intelligence (AI) platform for understanding customers’ attitudes, affinities and aspirations.

The client wanted to influence existing customers to upgrade their services, making them both “sticky” to the brand as well as “ambassadors” in order to influence others. In a world where word of mouth, especially combined with social media is key to a customers’ decision making process, this particular carrier is known to push boundaries and break established business practices to make sure that their customers are always put first.

Determined to understand their entire user base on a granular basis, autoGraph was utilised to generate new and profitable lines of business and ensure that the correct permissions and consent were in place. Most importantly, autoGraph was used to deliver creative ways in which to persuade customers to opt-in based on the trust between the customer and the carrier’s brand.

The first piece of work that autoGraph created was a platform for an existing app. The carrier used autoGraph’s patented technology to discover how exactly their customers wanted to be rewarded for their loyalty. The app is incentives driven, providing rewards on a weekly basis; and gives customers the choice from a wide range of rewards as a way of a thank you. autoGraph profiled 25% of the overall customer base in less than 24 hours, and enabled the mobile app to generate a 26% opt-in rate for services across our client’s portfolio of data-related businesses.

Working alongside the client’s mobile marketing/analytics team, autoGraph created a proposition to evolve the product development of the existing app by inviting customers to have the opportunity to vote for their favourite brands; the incentive being that these choices would then be used to select future weekly rewards. In order to provide further transparency, autoGraph’s unique application also ensured that customers were able to see the outcome of the votes, such as which brands and categories were the most popular.

Incorporating autoGraph’s machine learning into the application, this user-generated AI platform led to several million votes being cast in one day on the app. Exact insights (such as which brands had the highest positive affinity) also helped the client begin to broker a deal with a major clothing company, because of how well the particular clothing brand was performing via autoGraph’s platform.

Certainly a tale of success, autoGraph’s cloud-based user generated profiling technology created an astoundingly effective form of customer-driven marketing, and all by using its signature algorithms. The client was more than impressed with the insights that were provided within the autoGraph dashboard in real time and stated “to get 26% of your user base to opt-in from a single day promotion was awesome!”

If you’re a business looking for equally awesome results, get in touch and let us help you bridge the gap between both your brand and your customers. In the meantime, don’t forget to keep in touch by signing up to our newsletter and we’ll keep you updated with the latest updates and news straight from autoGraph HQ.

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