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Customer Engagement Labs: The winning entry - #HiltonMoments


Seven talented young minds, three sessions, one brief - take a look at the winning presentation from Team Orange, who developed the #HiltonMoments concept

The day began with briefings on creativity from TMW CEO Chris Pearce, on data from Alex Timlin of Emarsys and of course the brief for the teams to crack from Hilton's Marc Lantrok.

Winning Team Orange were as follows:

  • Colette Alderson from BJL Group
  • Guy Swam from XCM
  • Katie Stotter from Reading Room
  • Laurence Kraszewski from British Heart Foundation
  • Mark Spinks from Hilton
  • Tom Ovens from WorkBrands
  • Una Faller-McCauley from Hilton

While teams worked to crack the brief, they made periodic halts to update everyone on progress.

The team initially updated as follows:

  • Challenge: Hilton Honors members are not downloading the app
  • Why?
  • They are not exposed to app or benefits
  • Opportunity there.

You can read the final presentation here.

Broadly, the idea is to develop app and make the experience more personal.

This approach would target Hilton Honors non-app users at relevant times to encourage downloads under the #HiltonMoments banner.

This will help change perception of trips

We would target both leisure and business customers.

Business – Don’t waste a moment

Ask for more data when they have the app, such as flight number etc.

An interaction could look like this - if a customer had a flight delay, then the message could be:

Had enough delays today Check in early using the app...

The campaign could use geotagging to check whether Honors members are in an airport,to give targeted ads to suggest downloading the app and get check-in out of the way.

Other benefits could include:

  • Solo diners get free book
  • We’ve found new favourite room
  • Recommended local eats (using tripadvisor/toptable)
  • If done well, customers could talk about these experiences, boosting earned media

Families – more moments together.

From moment they arrive, reduce friction, which could include:

  • A saved parking space
  • Luggage taken
  • No check-in (done in-ap)
  • Straight into room using app to unlock door
  • Straight into the pool

Quick wins for the app:

Website app visibility is poor and would be easy to fix

Use owned media, such as reception displays, to promote the app

Expand comms channels:

  • Email to honors database
  • SMS messages
  • Humanise app promotions
  • Staff incentives to drive app downloads.

Longer term:

Tackle choke points, such as delayed travel, to give prompt check-in

Avoid long queues by using the app

On the join page – boost presence of app and the benefits of using it

Include and feature the app in confirmation emails and in every brand touchpoint.

Don't foget to book onto Data Protection 2017, held at the British Museum in London on 27 June.

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