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Customer Engagement: Exploring Emotional Loyalty


Going beyond transactional loyalty takes time, knowhow, and resources.

Exploring Emotional Loyalty is a discussion that aims to encourage debate in the UK's data and marketing industry.

The paper takes you through the insights of agency and client-side experts, who explore key topics to help organisations find a way to develop an emotional loyalty strategy that’s right for their business and customers.

The paper covers:

  • What drives emotional loyalty
  • What brands are doing to drive emotional loyalty
  • Who owns emotional loyalty
  • If emotional loyalty leads to sales

Click below to download mobile or desktop versions of the piece.

Download Exploring Emotional Loyalty

Customer Engagement

Led by the Customer Engagement Committee – in partnership with Paragon, Collinson, and dotdigital – our work uses research and insight to help you maximise your engagement for the benefit of marketers and consumers alike and focuses on:

  • Customer information handling and management
  • Customer analysis and modeling
  • Technology including CRM tools, Ad Tech, Statistical Modeling packages, etc.
  • Customer Engagement strategy and planning
  • Campaign execution, attribution, and measurement

Through our research and collaboration with experts, you'll gain access to:

  • Insights around how creativity, data, and tech work together to make brilliant engagement
  • Webinars on various Customer Engagement topics with similarly driven professionals
  • Toolkits and workshops

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