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Creative Data Academy 2021 'Scotland' - Entry level vacancies wanted


Our three day Creative Data Academy introduces its cohorts to the data and marketing industry and connects them with industry professionals. The Academy shows how data, insight and information are harnessed by marketers to craft inspiring and memorable advertising campaign through a creative brief. This year’s Academy brief is from Scottish whisky brand and DMA member, Whyte & Mackay.

Academy attendees learn about the industry from sessions delivered by industry practitioners e.g. how to break down a creative brief, understand data regulation and data ethics, how to use media channels, essential employability sessions and much more! All attendees are given complimentary DMA Student Membership, and professional qualifications including IDM Award in GDPR and IDM Award in Data & Analysis.

Ahead of the Scottish Parliament Elections 2021, DMA Scotland created #DemocratiseDataManifesto asking elected candidates to support seven objectives to the data & marketing industry, and emerging talent not yet in it. Several Manifesto objectives are being delivered through the Academy:

* Tackle the Reversing of Diversity
* Increase Employment in Key Talent Pools
* Identify and Plug the Skills Gap
* Demystify Data and Improve Data Literacy

#DemocratiseDataManifesto now needs your support! The Academy cohorts are a mix of final year students from academia and some joining the Academy to look for change in careers - all are looking for that first step into the industry.

If you have relevant entry level vacancies and opportunities available around August that we can offer this co-hort, please share details with Lisa McLauchlan.

Thank you.

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