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Automotive: OgilvyOne London for Land Rover

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How did the campaign make a difference? The Range Rover Sport audience thrive on exclusive experiences. A microsite and social media programme gave potential buyers exclusive digital content like no other. With a target of 20,000 cumulative pre-sales by 2014, almost 50% of that figure has already been achieved.

What details of the strategy make this a winning entry? The target audience thrive on the social currency of exclusive access to unique experiences. The aim was to create global buzz with a digital experience better than the live event (an unveiling by Daniel Craig, in New York City). Delivery was broken into phases: Entice, Launch and Convert.Entice teased the live event, using limited information to heighten anticipation and drive audiences from social media to a bespoke website. Launch upped the ante with YouTube and Facebook videos, plus multiple live streams of Daniel Craig driving through New York to the event. A Q&A with the lead designer answered questions from the site and social channels. In short, the audience had digital front-row seats. Convert used beautifully styled photography and detailed product information to drive continued interest, long before the vehicle went on sale.

How did creativity bring the strategy to life? The best seats in the house had streamed video, live Q&A and immersive content. Multiple media created a digital experience as dynamic and urgent as the new Range Rover Sport itself. Every aspect communicated the positioning of 'Driven to Another Level';, reflecting a relentless pursuit of design and engineering perfection. Every image was exhilarating and authentic. And, since the audience indexes high on mobile, the team created a responsive site design optimised for all devices, with a bespoke CMS for 26 markets allowing continually updated content. The creative mission was to create an experience that made audiences feel unique by putting them in the driving seat. This enticing, storytelling approach delivered heightened emotional bonding and added depth and richness to the Land Rover brand.

Results Audiences flocked to register interest and view live content. Daniel Craig's 'Live Drive' featured in YouTube's 'Most Popular UK' the day after launch, and video views surpassed 1,065,488 (13% of all channel views). Facebook reached 18,727,911 users globally, with interactions growing by over 577%. Twitter reach increased by 636% against average, with the Sport receiving 8,459 mentions on the day. There were 4.2 million site visits (149,000 on launch day), with an average duration of 12 minutes; 80,000 leads are directly attributed to the campaign, against a target of 20,000 by 2014, and almost 50% of the pre-sales target has been achieved.

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