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2014 in the telemarketing world

I for one am hugely optimistic about 2014 and firmly believe that the growth we’re seeing as 2013 draws to a close will continue into the New Year!

I think last year’s Olympics helped us to rediscover talking to one another and to feel optimistic about the opportunities we are presented with. We are connecting with each other better on a one-to-one and personal level. I am seeing clients both commercial and not-for-profits really thinking about how they are engaging with their customer/donor base and understanding that they need to connect with these folk on a personal level and in an engaging manner, and what better medium than the phone to achieve this?

I also feel that legitimate business is beginning to reclaim telemarketing as a viable channel. The regulators have begun to take some enforcement action (there’s still more needed mind!) and the landline and mobile networks have understood that we consumers don’t like being spammed and are taking steps to help us to report it and stop it.

The DMA’s Care Initiative to aid contact centres handling telephone interactions with the vulnerable is being implemented by the pioneers and we continue to see growing interest. With the shocking statistics we have seen about how loneliness affects the elderly I think it’s imperative that we focus our efforts to keep this vital lifeline and contact point available for all.

As a result, we at the DMA Contact Centres and Telemarketing Council will be continuing our efforts to aid better conversations in a relevant and timely way for all. We all remember the old adage – ‘smile when you dial’ – maybe we should be looking for a smile when it rings too.

Merry Christmas and a happy 2014 to all!

By DMA guest blogger Elaine Lee, Co-Founder, ReynoldsBusbyLee and DMA Contact Centres & Telemarketing Council Chair

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