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2014 â The year of mobile advertising?

2014 is expected to be the year that companies take the realisation of the importance of mobile and put it into practice, altering marketing budgets to fit with this rising trend.

The introduction of faster mobile internet, 4G, is facilitating the shift towards consumer preferences to browsing and buying on mobiles and tablets, forcing companies to keep up to speed in order to be competitive. This factor and the ever increasing additional consumer use of tablets (as well as mobiles) is also expected to show a growth, particularly in video and audio ads.

Facebook’s combination of native advertising and programmatic buying in 2013 seems to have set the precedent for companies in 2014.

The desire for many brands may be to optimise in-stream native ads, which can function well across both mobile and computers. Twitter preceded this trend and now offers several in-stream native ad products. Other large social media companies are showing signs of following this trend in their own ways, such as Pinterest and Linkedin.

Future predictions from Stephanie Baghdassarian, research director at Gartner:

“Over the next few years, growth in mobile advertising spending will slow due to ad space inventory supply growing faster than demand…”.

“However, from 2015 to 2017, growth will be fuelled by improved market conditions…”.

It is also thought that the predictions for mobile advertising spend and growth in general have been largely underestimated…let’s see what 2014 holds!




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