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OneTrust PreferenceChoice: Communicating the Value Exchange of Customer Data


How can customers consistently receive marketing information that's relevant and reflective of their needs?

Through a company's clear and open explanation of what data is collected, what it will be used for, and how the customer will benefit.

Part of DMA's Responsible Marketing campaign, this online event uncovers how to demonstrate the exchange of value between your business and customer when it comes to sharing data.

Chaired by John Mitchison, Director of Policy and Compliance, DMA, you'll also hear from:

  • Zachary Faruque, Offering Analyst, OneTrust PreferenceChoice
  • Colin Bradshaw, Chief Customer Officer and Data Protection Officer, TwentyCi
  • Julia Porter, Partner, DPN Associates

Join our experts to learn about:

  • Steps businesses can take to be transparent around data capture
  • How organisations can communicate the importance of sharing personal information
  • The newly launched GDMA Global Privacy Principles, which will help organisations cultivate a better customer experience built on accountability, transparency, trust, and respect for privacy
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