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During the pandemic, marketers have used QR codes to seamlessly drive consumers to online content or experiences. But what comes next? Find out alongside the DMA, Marketreach and other experts.

Part of the DMA's Customer Engagement campaign, this event explores the most recent developments in digital image recognition, NFC and augmented reality.

In particular, you'll explore what's driving an increase in consumers' digital engagement with mail and door drops.

Chaired by Stephen Maher, CEO, MBAstack, you'll also hear from:

  • Jenny Stanley, Founder and Managing Director, Appetite Creative
  • Stefano Biondi, Director, Phuzion Media
  • Harbir Guram, Director, Phuzion Media
  • Sophie Grender, Development Manager, Royal Mail Marketreach
  • Steven Belshaw, CEO and Co-Founder, UnifiedAR

Join our speakers for a presentation and panel discussion to uncover:

  • How to create an immersive connection from offline to online, with examples from DMA Awards entries
  • Why brands are embracing physical-to-digital opportunities
  • Key insights from JICMAIL (Joint Industry Committee for Mail)
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