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Attracting Talent and Plugging Skills Gaps for FinTech


Experian research shows that 80% of businesses rank data as one of their most valuable assets, but only a third have a formal data literacy programme in place.

Discover how FinTech businesses and SMEs can plug skills gaps in data and marketing within their communities.

Part of the DMA's Value of Data campaign, this online event explores where and how to best recruit talent, especially when moving from a startup to the next stage of business growth.

Chaired by Howard Barber, Director of Data Analytics and Insight, Golden Charter, you'll also hear from:

  • Anneli Ritari-Stewart, Managing Director, Andragogy
  • Stefan Bardega, Chief Growth Officer, Traktion
  • Darren Cairns, Chief Marketing Officer, LendingCrowd

Join the above experts and get their insights on finding the right talent through:

  • Better understanding the current skills gap, audience you're trying to teach, and talent value exchange
  • Implementing a data-informed approach to help drive a learning culture
  • Disrupting traditional recruitment to give small companies access to top freelance talent
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