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When brands and consumers collaborate, creativity can thrive.

In an age of heightened consumer empowerment, creative consumers not only expect their voices to be listened to, but also their opinions, ideas, and creative thoughts to be actively solicited from their favourite brands.

Building on findings from our Pathways to Creativity research, this piece captures the views of leading creative experts from agencies and brands, who took part in a virtual roundtable.

Led by the DMA’s Creative Committee, the event was held to discuss key aspects of the research and what it means for organisations and their customers. Pathways to Creativity 2020: Collaborating with the Creative Customer covers:

  • The power of the creative consumer and why customers are keener than ever to help brands with their creative strategies
  • Why even in a results-driven world creativity is key to engaging target markets
  • The growing understanding of the rising tide of customer creativity, and how organisations can get the best from it

Download the full round table write up and start creating experiences to celebrate creativity with your customers.

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