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Tuesday, 4th June 2024


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Join us for an exclusive webinar where we unravel the dynamic landscape of travel marketing.

In collaboration with Epsilon, we'll reveal fresh insights, actionable strategies, and inspiring success stories that will transform your approach in the travel industry.

Amid economic challenges, households are redefining their holiday priorities, opening new avenues for marketers. Learn how to leverage these shifts to drive growth and impact for your brand.

Explore evolving consumer behaviours and industry paradigms and discover innovative acquisition strategies to navigate tightening consumer spending.

Chaired by Ollie Compton Director of Customer Acquisition and Retention, HX Hurtigruten Expeditions, you'll hear from Ben Collier, Director of Business Development at Epsilon, who will discuss the potential of using direct mail for acquiring new customers in the travel industry. He'll share examples of successful brands, explain market trends, and provide actionable strategies for leveraging this channel effectively.

With Epsilon's expertise, we'll spotlight the resurgence of direct mail as a potent tool for engagement and share a successful case study showcasing its transformative impact.

Join us for an enriching webinar filled with actionable insights and tangible takeaways. Reserve your spot today and elevate your marketing game with the DMA and Epsilon.


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