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Wednesday, 16th January 2019

The Corinthian Club
191 Ingram Street
G1 1DA

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£50 (+VAT)


What's next for data? Join the DMA alongside Royal Blind and DBS Data in discussing the lay of the land post GDPR and what to expect and prepare for as we zoom towards the new ePrivacy regulation. Hear guidance, legal advice and ask our panel questions relevant for your business.

Join the DMA's experts in legal and GDPR policy James Milligan, Michael Sturrock and Zach Thornton for a roundup of all the latest developments in regulation, politics and policy. They will be joined by Davina Shiell, head of marketing and communications, Royal Blind who will be discussing sister charities Royal Blind and Scottish War Blinded's GDPR journey.

The session covers existing and impending law and discusses life for marketers post-GDPR, getting you up to date with the latest news and changes that may impact the marketing industry.

Join us to:

  • Discuss the effects GDPR has had on the industry and how life for marketers has changed since the implementation
  • Hear from Davina Shiell, head of marketing and communications, Royal Blind, who will delve into the challenges of Royal Blind and Scottish War Blinded's GDPR journey
  • Hear from James Neale, director of agency market, DBS Data
  • Discuss the political landscape in the UK, focusing on how politics works and what issues are at the fore of political debate

You'll have the opportunity to ask questions specific to your business - this update is ideal for professionals in compliance roles, business owners and marketers who take best practice seriously.

This event is key to understanding and building knowledge amongst the UK's marketing community on how we can continue to thrive under the GDPR.

To view the full agenda, please click here.

Earn valuable points towards your IDM Continuing Professional Development (CPD) scheme by attending DMA events. Attend this event and you will receive 2 CPD points.


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For all enquiries regarding this event, including sponsorship opportunities, please contact Ria Huxley.

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