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Thursday, 8th February 2024

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The customer engagement landscape is continually evolving and growing, fed by changes in consumer behaviour, new technological innovations, and global developments. But what will come next? Find out alongside the DMA and other experts.

Our Future Trends series aims to inspire organisations to find new ways to respond to changing customer behaviours and desires.

This year's research investigates three ground-breaking trends that will have a huge impact in 2024:

  • AI: From copy-writing to content creation to strategy inspiration, 2023 has been the year that marketers have begun to reap the rewards of AI. However, are marketers living in a bubble and do consumers share the same enthusiasm for AI? We'll be exploring how consumers view the role of AI in their day-to-day lives when interacting with brands, and whether some of the key AI tools are household name yet?
  • Personalisation: In a post-third-party cookie world, personalisation in some corners of the digital ad eco-system will be harder than ever. Consumers often claim they want personalised ad experiences but what does this actually mean? We'll be delving in to the role of personalised experiences while asking ourselves if personalisation is as much about what a brand doesn't do as what is does do when communicating with customers.
  • Real Life Experiences: The pace of digital transformation has only accelerated in a post-covid omni-channel world. If the high street is on the decline then what does this mean for how brands create physical real-life experiences with customers? We'll be exploring the role of tactile brand experiences while looking in to alternative channels for brands to become a real-world presence in people's lives.

Join us in person to explore:

  • The latest data and analysis on how each trend might impact customers
  • How consumer behaviour will shift in the coming years
  • Practical tips, suggestions, and opportunities you can apply to your business

Don't miss this opportunity to meet, network, and connect with other industry professionals.

Check back for speaker announcements and the exciting ways this event will unfold.


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