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Thursday, 4th February 2016

Thursday, 18th February 2016

1 Tony Wilson Place
Greater Manchester
M15 4FN
United Kingdom

Following the great success of the inaugural Club, we’re back again for another meeting of writers and creatives from around the region.

Our first Club meet-up gathered writers prepared to tackle the north – south divide; fanned the flames of the copy vs. content debate; and addressed the elephant in the room that is the lack of education in the skills of copywriting.

So where to now? Well, for our next Club we'll generate chatter around the “D” word. That’ll be digital, then. We’ll talk about:

  • If “digital” is a relevant term in 2016
  • The impact of the digital age on the craft of copywriting
  • If we are hitting “peak” digital. Is there more room in the wider creative process for traditional copywriting platforms and styles?
  • How the online world has created new avenues in creative writing – think the flourishing marriage between UX and writing

We’ll also discuss copywriting through the eyes of 3 very different writers and ask what type of copywriters we truly see ourselves as. Is it even right to seek to categorise writers – aren’t we all just creatives in our own right?

Dan Nixon, head of content at Cube3, leads the Club. We’ll have beers, soft drinks and snacks to keep you all fuelled.

Come along, pull up a chair and get chatting with some of the best writers from across the North’s agency and client side spaces.


Part of our

Get £200 training credit when you book a course or qualification before 5pm on Thursday 31 August. Email us at or call 0208 6140255 and quote CREDIT200.


For all enquiries regarding this event, including sponsorship opportunities, please contact Ellie Turner.

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