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If you are not confident that your company would pass an audit, then it might be worth considering engaging a consultant to help you prepare for certification. The DMA can refer you to the following independent consultants.


Contact: 0870 242 7788,

Christine Andrews

Angela Farquhar

Outline of services/expertise in data security

DQM Group is the most trusted independent provider of data security services to the UK's marketing industry. Specifically, we have undertaken over 200 security and compliance audits of data processors of marketing data over the last 18 months alone including the DataSeal pilot assessments earlier this year. We worked closely with the DMA and BSI on developing their Best Practices for Data Security and the new DataSeal Standard.

We are committed to raising data management standards and chair the IDM Data Council and DMA Data Governance Working Party. We have won Data Strategy's Data Service Provider of the Year for the last 3-years and offer highly effective solutions for minimising your data risks.

DataSeal Case Study: Bounty

During the latter part of last year DQM Group was involved in a small number of pilot assessments of the DataSeal standard. One company assessed was Bounty, the UK's number 1 parenting club and a company with considerable amounts of sensitive customer data as well as data drawn from external sources. DQM Group conducted a short assessment and reported back on Bounty's compliance to the new standard which took a few days to complete and feedback.

Mike Flight is Bounty's Head of Projects and Development who sponsored the project internally, DQM Group provided a comprehensive assessment report which highlighted a few areas for us to fix. We really appreciated their professional and friendly approach and the speed with which they turned round the report and explained areas for us to focus on. We would strongly recommend them to any DMA member considering applying for DataSeal.

Aston Information Security

Unit 3-4
Braid Land
Park Lane
United Kingdom
RH13 6LL

Tel: 01273 25 28 27



Information is the lifeblood of an organisation. Ensuring the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of that information is the essence of Aston Information Security. We are a leading information security company, specialising in:-

  • Compliance e.g. Data Protection Act, Computer Misuse Act
  • Risk Management e.g. identification, assessment, mitigation
  • Information Assurance e.g. DataSeal, ISO 27001 accreditation
  • Governance e.g. training and awareness, audit Using our practical expertise in information security we identify, assess, mitigate and manage cyber and insider risks that can affect the lifecycle of sensitive and confidential data and provide information assurance.

The DMA DataSeal is based on international standard for information security which Aston has taken numerous clients through successful accreditation.


Contact: 0118 902 7453, Lisa Dargan or Richard Stone

Outline of services/expertise in data security

Ultima Risk Management (URM) is dedicated to providing high quality, cost effective information security, data protection and business continuity consultancy and training services.

Ultima Risk Management (URM) is dedicated to providing high quality, cost effective information security, data protection and business continuity consultancy and training services. As a leading UK security consultancy, these services principally involve assisting organisations (including DMA members) to comply and certify with standards in information security such as ISO 27001 and DataSeal, as well as complying with legislation. URM's consultative approach is based on the premise that all solutions developed must be pragmatic and appropriate to the needs of the organisation and sustainable in both the short and long term.

Mini case study - outline of consultancy services provided during DataSeal dummy audit phase

A key component in the development of the new DataSeal information security standard was a pilot scheme where one of the DMA members undertook a mock assessment by BSI. As part of this scheme, Ultima Risk Management (URM) conducted a readiness review in advance with the DMA member. The readiness review involved an assessment of the levels of compliance of the existing information security controls within the organisation against the requirements of the DataSeal Standard. A key component was the advice and guidance provided to the organisation during the review, not only in terms of how to certify to the Standard, but how to quickly and cost effectively improve its information security measures and thereby reduce the likelihood of suffering some form of data security breach and/or infringing the Data Protection Act.

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