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Copywriting Census Terms & Conditions

There isn't anything in our terms and conditions that you wouldn't expect to find, or that isn't good common sense. But please take a few moments to glance over them and check you're happy with them.

  • Your responses may be used in quotes and future campaign elements. We’ll always ask for your permission if we use your name and comments in the campaign.
  • Data will be anonymised and aggregated when published as part of reports/results
  • So that you can come back to your census to make any changes or add more information, a default registration is set up on the DMA website once you’ve completed the first page of the census. This also means you can contribute across the DMA site.
  • We’ll keep in touch to update you on our campaign. If you’d prefer not to hear from us, simply unsubscribe by emailing
  • Participation in the census is voluntary
  • You can contact Yash on if you have any questions or comments concerning the census. ​

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